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About Pallet Lots
About Pallet Lots
  When purchasing from Liquidation General pallet lots are the best way to purchase product at the lowest prices. Whether you are purchasing only 2 or a full truckload of 24 pallets you will save tremendously off the price of a smaller lot.

* There are many reasons why the price is so much lower:

1. When you purchase a pallet lot we ship the pallets direct to you without having to go through the merchandise and breaking them down into smaller quantities. This saves a lot on labor costs.

2. The shipping cost per piece is much less when purchasing a pallet than when buying product in 100-200-300 piece quantities.

3. We get a bigger discount when purchasing larger amounts of product which we pass on to the customer.

4. Our company also saves on packaging: Boxes, labels, tape, shipping supplies etc. We pass on the savings to our customers.

All of these saving are passed on to the customer and that is why you see a dramatic difference in cost when purchasing these types of lots.

* There are some differences when purchasing pallet lots that differ from purchasing smaller lots.

1. You must Call or Email to place pallet lot orders.

2. All pallet orders need to be purchased with a Bank Wire Transfer. When you contact us about a pallet lot, we will ask for you to supply us with your Name, Shipping Address and Contact Phone Number. We will then send you an invoice, at the bottom of the invoice will be our Bank Wire information. Take this down to your bank and they will do the Wire Transfer for you. Also there are a lot of banks that let you do a Wire Transfer online. We normally will receive the wire transfer in a couple of hours. Once our company has received the transfer we will send you an email stating that we have received it. The reason we do not accept Credit Card or Paypal payments on pallet lot orders is that there is a 3% transaction fee and we don't want our customer to have to pay this fee. This is to save our customers money.

3. All pallet lots ship Fed Ex Freight or UPS ground. Shipping normally takes 3-6 days once payment has been received. Once the order has shipped we will send you the tracking number. When contacting our company about purchasing a lot, tell us whether will be delivering to a business or a residence and do you have a dock or do you need a lift gate. If you do not have a dock they will supply a lift gate and take the pallets off the truck for you. The reason we use Fed Ex and UPS is that they are the most reliable, cost effective, offer lift gate service and have the best tracking system.

FAQ About Pallet Lots

1. What department stores do these products come from?
Most of our pallet lots come from Macy's department stores. Please call if you have any questions about which store the product is coming from.

2. Is the product all first quality shelf pull and overstock?
Liquidation General ONLY purchases and sells first quality shelf pull and overstock product. We NEVER sell damaged, defect, irregular or return products. We have a 3% variance on all lots. This means that the product we purchase is all overstock, shelf-pulls or new product but a damaged item, item with a security tag, or a miss count slipped through the sorting process. If it is higher than a 3% variance rate please contact us and we will take care of the problem immediately.
3. Is the product the same quality as your smaller lots?
Yes, The same type of product comes in pallet lots as it does in our smaller lots.

4. When purchasing a pallet lot will I receive a lot of duplicate items?
Normally NO, the pallets have a great mix of sizes, colors and brands.

5. Does the product have retail tags on them?
Most if not all items will have the original retail tags attached.

6. Do pallet lots ever go on sale?
No, Liquidation General charges a flat fee on pallet lots. These lots are at a fixed price and are marked as low as they possibly can be. We do this so our customers can save BIG at any time and don't have to wait for sales.

To place an order email [email protected]
or call 618-660-4005