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> Love the dresses I received. It has really added to my online store.
Wendy, OH

>Just received my first order and it looks great. Thank You

Tina, CA

> Thank you Jeff for all of your help, you are a sweetie. The women's clothing looks fantastic and so does my new store. Can't wait to open in 2 days!!

Kristen, MN

> Can't believe I was doing consignment for so many years. This is so much easier. HAHA!!

Mark, Decatur MS

> Thanks for helping me get my new store filled up. My customers are loving the new clothing. Thanks Tom :-)

Tracy, Durham NC

> New Spring/Summer product is awesome, can't wait for it to warm up!!

Nancy, St Louis MO

> Love the new product that just came out, you guys are the best.

Joe, Sacramento CA

> Always love dealing with you!!!

Julie, Baltimore

> Wish you would carry Spring/Summer product all year round. I'm in Fl and I can't purchase the Fall/Winter.

Jesse, Miami FL

> The ONLY liquidation company that sends you great product at fantastic prices. Not sure how you guys make a profit but hope you keep doing what you have been doing. !!!!

Becky, San Antonio

> Just received my first order. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

Donna Dallas TX

> Wish you had more Children's product available. Love the Children's lots when you have them though.

Sherry, Kansas City KS

> Just received my women's lot, wish I would have bought more. LOL Thanks Guys!!!

Christine, Minneapolis MN

> Customer service did it for me, most liquidation companies don't answer the phone like your company does. I'll be ordering more. Thanks

Carrie, TN

> Put the product in my store and it looks fantastic. I was so sick and tired of doing consignments. Should have purchased product from you years ago.

Fran, Boise ID

> Another great order, as always thank you!!!!

Terry, Buffalo NY

> Had problems finding the button where all the pictures were but once I clicked on the MORE INFO button there they were. Sorry to have bothered you but you were great on the phone helping me. Thx

Jordan, Dayton

> Great Prices and Free shipping, doesn't get any better than that!!! Have a great day and keep up the good work. Oh, thanks for helping me get my order placed. You are the best. ;-)

Donna, Denver

> Loved the dresses I just received. Sold 12 in the first day. They look beautiful!!!! I've told you this many times before but Thank You!!!

Teresa Allentown